SEO Checklist For 2017

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is topic for hot discussion these days. Business owners who want to sell their products and services locally are taking benefit from this potential digital marketing strategy. If you want to focus on local region but are not marking your potential on the network then probably you are going to miss major deals.

Once you start investing in SEO or Local SEO, soon you will obtain higher web traffic, boost in brand visibility and definitely huge increase in revenue. When you are already planning to target the local search results then how can we forget to mention the top LSEO checklist for year 2017?

The list below includes the best practices as suggested by SEO Experts

  • Focus on Keyword Research:

The most basic step towards potential SEO campaign is appropriate keyword search. You can easily find so many tools online that provide insights to terms and phrases that people often type on search engine boxes to get details about businesses like yours. Google algorithms are designed to run a hidden code depending upon those keywords and associated business points are reflected on top ranking. It is essential to optimize your website so that it can stay focused around those keywords.

  • Meta Description:

You might have seen the brief description of pages below links on the search engine results; it is known as meta description. It is always advised to design interesting meta descriptions for your pages so that people can find a reason to click on your link out of so many options available around. These synopses generally follow maximum length of 156 characters.

  • NAP Details:

After SEO, local search engine results use to depend more upon NAP; it is an abbreviation for N- Name, A- Address and P -Phone Number. If you want to highlight your business on local search engine results then first of all you have to make Google understand your specific location. Google runs algorithms to decode this NAP information and the priorities are decided on the basis of quality of NAP citations and it also depends upon consistency. Business owners need to improve visibility of their website on local search results.

  • Customer Reviews:

Reviews work like recommendations; statistics reveal that about 94% consumers prefer to follow consumer reviews for recommendations before spending on a new product and service. You need to launch campaign to improve visibility of your business on local search engine results. If you are capable enough to improve quality of your online reviews then it will naturally improve your visibility over search engine results.

  • Image Optimization:

It works like a true form of art in LSEO market. Search Engine does not predict simple information from images like human beings usually do rather it runs drive to fetch additional details that can help to assign ranking. Focus on four facts to make your images more LSEO friendly:

  • Choose image filenames carefully.

  • Include your keyword into Title Text.

  • Describe your image via Art-Text.

  • Compress your images up to desired level without missing essential details.